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Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH assists the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry in sourcing and producing chemical specialties. The core of our work is to supply the product which our customer is looking for - with the right documentation, the correct quantity from mg to mt and proper quality and this not only for a one shot business but to support projects from RnD state up to commercial production. To achieve these challenging goals Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH uses its excellent knowhow and worldwide network of qualified suppliers.

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Oxidoreductases, Transferases, Hydrolases, Lyases, Isomerases, Ligases - special Enzyms for process optimisation and development.

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Custom synthesis

Made in Europe with customized documentation from mg to kg! Please get in contact with us to discuss your project.


DTT - Dithiothreitol

DTT - Dithiothreitol

CAS-Nr.: 3483-12-3
Formel: C4H10O2S2
Molekulargewicht: 154,25 g/mol 

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  • Milligrams - Tons

    Due to our long experience in this business we are aware of the fact that a few grams or even milligrams are sufficient for research. If you are interested in substances, do not hesitate to contact us regardless how small the required quantity may be. In case the research project is successfully completed and our customer needs larger quantities, we inform the supplier way ahead to enable him to complete the scale-up before you might need larger quantities ranging from kilos to maybe even tons later on. Our supplier is able to make upscale investments in time because he is currently being updated on the development of the market by Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH.

  • Product Search

    Our wide range of products covers a large number of requirements our customers have. We are, however, always prepared to look for substances our customers might need. Due to our global network comprising more than 60 countries we are in a position to offer chemical specialities on short notice. In case we are not able to deliver immediately we keep our customer updated on the situation. At times we have found substances after more than 6 months and were able to supply our customer. This service is free of charge - even if no order will be placed later on.

  • Marketing of Products

    Product knowledge meets business know-how!

    As a trading company doing business throughout the world we attend various symposia, professional conventions or trade fairs at least once a month and offer universities, institutes and research establishments the opportunity to market their products, patents and ideas globally. Moreover we will be happy to find potential partners who are interested in licensing agreements for your patent. In order to achieve this we are regularly in touch with almost all global players in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Documentation

    • Date of birth of the snake
    • List of possible diseases of the snake
    • The medication the snake got in case of diseases
    • Inoculations the snake got
    • How was the snake fed and what was fed?
    • Which detergents were used to clean the cage?
    • How many offspring did the snake have?

    You need a special documentation for a raw material of your project? Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH is in touch with partners who can supply these documentations. In order to demonstrate the performance in this sector we would like to give you the example of one of our suppliers who is able to document the following data:

  • Custom Synthesis

    Special projects call for special partners. In cooperation with our producers we offer individual custom synthesis. Documentation (eDMF/ASMF) as per the customers´ requirements is of course included. One of our partners has developed more than 250 molecules in the last five years which were synthesised on a very high scientific level.

  • Search for Suppliers

    It is a problem intrinsic to the pharmaceutical industry that sometimes a research project has developed in connection with an approved drug but there is only one supplier for the raw materials. Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH will be happy to find a reliable and in terms of quality appropriate second supplier, who will also pass the various audits required.