Gluconasturtiin, potassium salt

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2-Phenylethylglucosinolate potassium salt

Molecular weight:

461,16 g/mol

Gluconasturtiin is a glucosinolate, also known as phenethylglucosinolate.

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Article number: 7501813
CAS No.: 67920-64-3
Formula: C17H32KNO10S3
Molecular weight: 545,73 g/mol

Article number: 7500390
CAS No.: 21087-74-1
Formula: C11H18KNO10S2
Molecular weight: 427,49 g/mol

Article number: 7500812
CAS No.: 15592-34-4
Formula: C11H20KNO10S3
Molecular weight: 461,57 g/mol

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Gluconasturtiin, potassium salt

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