Bome s.r.o.

History and present

Company BOME Ltd. was established in the year 1992 and is based in V Jezírku 544, 252 43 Pruhonice, Czech Republic. In the beginning BOME Ltd. started to produce mercury by destilation of mercury´s wastes. During a few years they developed to the biggest producer of mercury in Czech Republik, especially of mercury in a very high purity 99,9995% The biggest of their customers are producers in chemical industry (catalysis) and producers of measuring instruments (thermometers, barometers, nanometers, etc.) BOME Ltd. started with business activities in the field of Amalgan as many of their customers are in this business, too.
BOME Ltd. started to supply medical devices to dentists and dental laboratories.

Beside this activities BOME Ltd. are representative of several Europeans producers:

  • Dental mercury 99,999%
  • Amalgams from Nordiska Dental, Sweden
  • Gypsum – BPB Formula – Borgards, Germany
  • Investments – BK Giulini, Germany
  • Ejectors – ASA Dental, Italy
  • Disinfection – UNIDENT A.S., Switzerland
  • Hygienic products – HELVEMED, Switzerland
  • Alginates, CAVEX BV, Holland

One of our next activities is processing and recycling of scraps from stomatology workplaces (amalgams, palargens, developer, setter…)
BOME Ltd. employs 13 personnels.


Bome s.r.o.

V Jezírku 544
252 43 Pruhonice (Czech Republic)
Tel. +420 – 267 750 010
Fax +420 – 267 750 011


GIHON-Laboratorios Químicos s.r.l.

GIHON-Laboratorios Químicos s.r.l. is an Argentine company -created in 1989- specialized in the production of chemicals involving complex organic synthesis. Their products are widely used in the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries.

The manufacturing plant is located in the Industrial Park of the city of Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires. The facilities have been designed in compliance with the current international regulations.
Their state of the art technology is friendly to the environment, consistent with a community-committed policy. In order to meet the ever growing demands of the global market, they are determined to maintain the highest standards in two key areas: QUALITY and SAFETY. They work according to GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).


GIHON Laboratorios

Químicos S.R.L. Calle 4 y 5,
Parque Industrial Gral. Savio
7600 – Mar del Plata (Argentina)


Iris Biotech

Iris Biotech GmbH – Empowering Peptide Innovation

Starting 2001 with a small range of commodities for peptides, we meanwhile developed our portfolio to a unique list of standard reagents and unusual building blocks for the whole field of peptides and peptidomimetics. Having a holistic approach in mind, we are today the number one address for any unusual compound necessary for modification of peptides. Our mission is to accompany our customers in their current projects by supplying the most novel substances and latest technologies.


Core Technologies and Services

  • Drug Discovery: endless variations are possible to equip a peptide with higher or lower rigidity, solubility, protease sensitivity, affinity, or efficacy. We offer thousands of building blocks to adapt existing sequences to the individual needs. With our custom synthesis capabilities, we can pick up any idea of clients’ requirements.
  • Drug Delivery: PEG polymers were pioneering a new drug delivery approach. Today many other polymers are available to provide the advantages of polymer therapeutics also to small drug molecules and open the door to new fields such as combination therapy, personalized medicine, or antibody drug conjugates (ADC).
  • Diagnostics & Analytics: our latest field of activities with inducers, inhibitors, metabolites, substrates, dyes, immunology tools, and lately especially in the field of Maillard reaction products, where we can offer the world’s leading portfolio in this compound class.

Iris Biotech GmbH

Adalbert-Zoellner-Str. 1
D-95615 Marktredwitz (Germany)
Tel. +49-(0)9231-97121-0
Fax +49-(0)9231-97121-99


Iris Biotech Laboratories GmbH

Iris Biotech Laboratories GmbH is a chemical laboratory with decades of experience in synthesis and development of novel amino acid derivatives, unusual, chiral building blocks, as well as modern polymers, like PEG derivatives, poly(amino acids), poly(2-oxazolidine)s and related compounds. We develop customized solutions, like innovative linkers for antibody-drug conjugation (ADC), novel building blocks for peptidomimetic, new biomarkers, special protecting groups for dedicated applications or tunable polymers.

The lab is placed within the industry park of Willstaett, Germany, close to the French-German border, and is surrounded by key suppliers like solvent recyclers, which enables us to efficiently and affordable solve also unique customer’s requirements.

Core Technologies and Services

Find a survey of latest innovcations and developments below:

  • Unusual amino acids, like homo-, β2-, β3, and γ-amino acids, α- and β-substitution, β,β-dimethylation, γ,γ-difluorination, trifluoromethylation, photo-tunable amino acids, phosphono-amino acids, β-mercapto and β-seleno amino acids
  • Custom synthesis of compounds with several chiral centers.
  • Maillard- and Amadori-reaction products are markers for the quality of heat-treated food, but also biomarker for deceases like diabetes and obesity.
  • Peptide based, custom specific linkers in antibody-drug and other bio-conjugation.
  • New biotinylation technologies.
  • Physiologically tolerated fluorescence dyes (ICG, BODIPY) and related compounds for analytics, diagnostics, and therapy, including their conjugation to peptides, antibodies and other biomolecules.
  • Novel protecting groups for cytesine and other amino acids
  • 3rd generation Click linkers including their conjugation
  • Polyamine
  • Derivatisation of PEGs, poly(amino acids) and poly(2-oxazolinen)
Iris Biotech Laboratories GmbH

Iris Biotech Laboratories GmbH

Adalbert-Zoellner-Str. 1
95615 Marktredwitz
Tel. +49 9231 9619 50
Fax +49 9231 9619 59


Siddhi Vinayaka Spechem Pvt Ltd.

Manufacturers & Exporters of fine chemicals

Cfm is the exclusive partner of Siddhi Vinayaka Spechem Pvt. Ltd, a custom synthesis specialist – located in India. Siddhi Vinayaka Spechem specializes in contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates in semi-bulk and bulk quantities. Their main expertise is developing synthesis in the fields of carbohydrate and nucleoside chemistry, sulphur and chiral phosphorous compounds. Their strong points are synthesis at low temperatures and high vacuum. They have succeeded in finding a laboratory scale synthesis and developing it into a technical production process. Syntheses capacities 50L to 2000L are available.

Siddhi Vinayaka Spechem Pvt. Ltd is ISO/GMP certified (Good Manufacture Practice), they work according GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and they are audited by one of the world leading pharmaceutical companies.

Siddhi Vinayaka Spechem Pvt. Ltd.

Shed no. B-60, K. S. S. I. D. C.
Industrial Estate Bommasandra,
Hosur Road
IN-560099 Bangalore (India)