Custom Synthesis

Some projects require raw materials, which do not exist at first. In this case we are happy to jump in for help and offer individual custom synthesis and contract research in cooperation with our producers. We are working closely with universities as well as research institutions. Of course, you will receive the products including the documentation that meets your individual requirements. Even if it is not yet finalized which parameters – or even which product will be needed in the end – we are happy to assist you together with our longtime partners in a personal meeting, telephone conference or by email. Even with substances that we have listed in our product portfolio, but which do not yet meet your exact requirements, we are open for your change requests. We can then talk about possible adjustments in the specification, the manufacturing process or even a completely new synthesis. For example, we have produced a metal salt solution for one of our customers in cooperation with a partner to increase the efficiency of biogas plants. The manufacturer now produces this so-called nutrient solution in larger quantities according to the recipe of the customer. From research and development to production on a ton scale, we accompany you with your projects at any time. Contact us and benefit from our many years of experience to master your challenges.


Sourcing of Rare Compounds

Beschaffung von seltenen Verbindungen

We source our products from suppliers in over 60 countries. Thanks to this global network, we are well positioned for customer inquiries and are usually able to provide you with chemical specialties and compounds at short notice. The majority of our suppliers are longstanding partners who can respond flexibly to individual customer requests in terms of specification, packaging or documentation among other things. We already cover a large number of customer wishes with our product portfolio. Nevertheless, we are also happy to receive inquiries for products that we have not listed yet and that are not easy to find at first glance. We are your contact for rare compounds, which are of importance in the electromobility or battery industry in general, as well as the electronics industry. We also provide you with a wide range of metal compounds and metal salt solutions used in electroplating industry or the paint and varnish industry. Many of our customers also use metals and metal compounds for the production of metal salt catalysts, which are used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates. We are happy to accept these challenges from you and search for this products. Of course, we always keep you up to date on the current status of our research. This service of sourcing rare compounds is un-binding for you – even if after the inquiry and our offer no order is placed from your side, we do not charge you the search for products

REACH Compliant

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) refers to the European Union’s Chemical Regulation, which came into force in 2007. Its last stage, which has been in force since June 1st 2018, regulates the chemicals within the scope to ≥ 1 t/a. REACH is based on the principle of the responsibility of the industry. According to the no data, no market principle, only chemical substances within the scope of application that have been registered in advance may be placed on the market. Any manufacturer or importer wishing to place his substances, which are covered by REACH, on the market has to have his own registration number for these substances. Naturally, as a trading company, we also comply with this regulation and have ourselves pre-registered or registered some of the products that we purchase in larger quantities. We are happy to assist our customers in registering their products.


Managing Second Sources

Cfm Handschlag

Every now and then it can happen that one supplier falls out for our customer. Be it by new laws in the respective country of the manufacturer or the cessation of production of the particular product. Here we are happy to jump in and look for a new and reliable supplier who can deliver the same product in the same quality and documentation as you are used to from your existing supplier and you need it. With over 230 years of experience and our worldwide network of suppliers, we can usually provide you with an alternative source of supply at relatively short notice. Of course, a secondary supplier can also be included in the supply process as a purely safety measure in order to avoid the risk of production losses. With a second supplier you are no longer dependent on just one source and you can continue your production even if a supplier fails at short notice or permanently. From our own experience we know that today many customer audits attach great importance to continuous and secure production.

The world of metals

We supply rare raw materials

Metals are chemical elements and with 80% they represent the largest group of elements. Metals can be divided into light metals like Aluminium or Potassium and into heavy metals like Copper or Zinc.

From the start of civilisation metals have a huge significance for mankind and shape the human development with a variety of

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