Natural Toxins, synthetically produced

What are toxins? As is well-known, toxins occur in a large number of animal species. Among the long list of toxins, we would like to mention apamin, the toxin of the bee, and conotoxin, a toxin originated in the cone snail, a sea snail. Some of the sea snail venoms (cone snail) contain a analgetic toxin, i.e. the toxin derived of the conus magus species. This toxin is 1000times stronger than morphine in its analgetic action. Toxins consists of a mixture of different peptides. Each of these single peptides attacks special neuritic channels or receptors. These toxins are the focus of pharmaceutical R&D and have become more and more important in this sector to develop drugs against diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson or Epilepsy. Moreover, toxins are already used in pain treatment therapy. The advantages of our products: Our partner, neither uses natural toxins, which could harm the species population, nor those CITES listed. Our partner is producing these toxins by peptide synthesis, which has the following advantages:

  • Reproducible quality - close to cGMP
  • Constant high quality
  • No effect on the species population
  • Moderate price (no animal has to be shipped around the world)
  • Peptide sequence is exactly known.