Medicinal Plants

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We raise the treasures of nature

We raise the treasures of nature Medicinal plants have always been used to combat various diseases. Because of their active ingredients, they are also used as raw material for today‘s pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and more recently as nutritional supplements in „Functional Food“. Secondary plant compounds hold immense potential for the development of new, modern medicines. In parallel, traditional remedies and healing methods are rediscovered, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, the flora of the rainforests and many European medicinal plants.

Through our worldwide network of farmers, collectors and specialized wholesalers, we can offer a wide range of commercially available plants.

In addition, we receive inquiries from our customers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and academic research field about plant material that is not available on the market. In such cases it is often required to locate native plants. Is it on the red list? Which legal provisions must be observed in the individual case? Once all questions have been answered, we send our scout to collect the plant. If the request goes from the initial small quantities in R & D to commercial production, there is always the possibility of a project-related contract cultivation.

Dr. Sandra Miklos
Project Manager Phytochemicals & Medical Plants

Green irises in autumn?

We find unconventional solutions

At the end of October 2017, we received a request from our customer for the plant Iris germanica – a plant whose usual harvest date is summer. Of course, the need of our customer was urgent, as he had already run several experiments in the laboratory and now needed this plant. To increase the challenge, it had to be fresh.

Dr. Sandra Miklos was very sceptical whether it would be possible to procure the goods at this time of the year and in fresh condition. Fortunately, one of our partners grows the plant and as luck would have it, some plants were still growing in a field about 150 km away from here. At the beginning of November Dr. Sandra Miklos and Oliver Steinkohl changed from their business attire into worker outfits, got into the car, and drove to the supplier to assist with the harvesting, cleaning and drying of the plant to meet the customer‘s special request. The delivery was organized to go directly from the field to the customer in order to further optimize the time-critical delivery.

Our client was convinced by quality and service. As a result, he ordered the plant material in larger quantities from us.

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Iris Germanica