Custom Extraction

According to the definition of the European Pharmacopoeia, extracts are “preparations of liquid, semi-solid or solid nature, produced from commonly dried herbal or animal-derived materials”. Extracts are the oldest known preparation of medicinal plants. The use of medicinal plants as extracts has been documented for millennia and the simplest form of extraction is the tea infusion.

Essential oils are obtained by steam distillation, extraction or squeezing of the plants or plant parts. Depending on the property, oils can be used differently, in either cosmetics or perfume industry but also as active ingredient in medicine.

In the world of extracts and oils, we are your partner for specialties. In our worldwide network of contacts, we search for your desired product. In cooperation with our manufacturers, we offer customized production of extracts and oils in smaller quantities. Through our diverse portfolio of plant material, we can procure the respective raw material and then have it processed by our producers.