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Metals are chemical elements and with 80% they represent the largest group of elements. Metals can be divided into light metals like Aluminium or Potassium and into heavy metals like Copper or Zinc.

From the start of civilisation metals have a huge significance for mankind and shape the human development with a variety of applications. Not without a reason periods of human history are named after metals. Today metals are omnipresent. From classic bulk metals like iron or steel and Aluminium to the so called technology metals like Indium or Gallium, metals can be found in almost every product.

Many of our customers require metals and metal compounds for the production of metal salt catalysts, which are used for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates. Others operate in the galvanic industry and use metals as raw materials for coating systems (zinc coating, chrome plating, etc.) or need metal pastes as coating material in technical applications. Another customer segment are companies, which use metal salt solutions to increase efficiency of biogas plants.

Cfm gives their customers a helping hand: we provide easy accessible products as well as rare compounds in exactly the amount and quality they need for their applications.

Corinna Schroller
Key Account Manager

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Thimerosal is a chemical compound, which is used as a preservative in pharmaceutical products to prevent bacterial and microbial growth in vaccines and make them storable.

GIHON Laboratorios Químicos SRL with headquarter in Mar del Plata, Argentina is the only worldwide qualified and certified manufacturer of Thimerosal. Since 1994 Cfm works closely as exclusive global distributor with GIHON. For many years some of our customers asked to have a safety stockpile of Thimerosal, but no one took the decisive step. Within a global investigation of a well-known non-profit-organisation (NPO) it was found, that in case of a sudden outbreak of an epidemic, the lack of Thimerosal can cause a shortage of vaccines.

In 2016 GIHON received a grant from this NPO to build a 12 month stockpile and secure the supply with Thimerosal. In case of unexpected political change or a stop of the Thimerosal production this safety stockpile can be used to continue the manufacturing of human and veterinary vaccines. To minimize the risk of undersupply with Thimerosal even further, Cfm agreed to store half of the stockpile in Germany to be independent and able to act fast in case of emergency. We as Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH are proud to support this important project regarding vaccine supply reliability in an active way.

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