About us

Create values, cultivate values, live values

For 230 years our motive force: The honorable businessman

As an honorable business we have a pattern for economical acting. Honorable means: being honest, ethical and acting morally. These terms are no empty words in our company. Being honorable is practiced daily. As entrepreneurs

we take over responsibility for our society and our environment.

Oskar Tropitzsch

For more than 30 years I have been working for Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH. From the beginning, the spoken word applied, commitments were always observed. In case of different views, we find a solution in dialogue. Quick decisions, collegial team spirit, freedom for own projects
and decisions are on the daily agenda. The new management has adopted these values from the parent generation.

This is also reflected in the contact with our business partners. Our cooperative approach shapes the contact with every customer. We do not only talk about problems, we find solutions. As a result, our client satisfaction with products as well as our work is constantly high.

We are happy working for and with our clients. Full of conviction and with noticable joy. The working environment is excellent – our building unites bright, big offices and lounges with state of the art technology.

Choose a profession that you love, and you do not need to work one more day in your life: For me that‘s right.“

Brigitte Künzel

Brigitte Künzel