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The peak of change

Family-led into the Future

Family-led companies think in terms of generations, not quarterly reports. A self-image that offers our customers and suppliers stability and security.

Steffen Tropitzsch initially supported his father, Oskar Tropitzsch, as an assistant to the management, and ran the company together with him as an authorized signatory for more than eight years, until he then followed in his father’s footsteps as managing director in 2013. Oskar Tropitzsch continued to support the company in word and deed until he passed away in the summer of 2021.

Steffen Tropitzsch continues to develop the traditional company in the spirit of his father and builds on a solid foundation of composure, sovereignty and the courage to dare something. All these values ​​that Oskar Tropitzsch stood for now go hand in hand with new technologies, curiosity and change.

All of us, the entire team at Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH, look forward to continuing to grow with you as a customer and partner. To develop further and yet remain what we have always been: your reliable partner.

Steffen und Oskar Tropitzsch

Steffen Tropitzsch // CEO

“Do only such business by day
that you may sleep quietly of nights.”
– such was already the credo of the old Consul Buddenbrook.

Thomas Mann