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Family-led into the Future

Family-led companies think in terms of generations instead of quarterly reports. This self-conception is synonymous with stability for our customers and suppliers. At the same time, it also comes with inherent challenges when the time comes to pass the baton.

Oskar Tropitzsch likes to cite an old Jewish adage: “If you wish for the next generation to continue your business, then tell them 80 percent of positive and 20 percent of negative things about your daily routine. Put them in touch with your best business partners early on, and never ask your children whether they would like to take over your business someday.” He adhered to this wisdom.

Oskar’s son Steffen has been with the company for more than ten years, first in the role of assistant, then as an authorized officer. Since 2014, he has been shaping the company’s future together with his father.

The older generation passes on experience, projects an aura of professional calm while encouraging bold decisiveness. The young generation employs new technologies and is characterized by a certain inquisitiveness, as well as the willingness to effect change and renewal. The perspectives of both generations working in concert and complementing each other will allow a family-led company to prosper.

We look forward to growing and developing with you, while remaining what we have always been: Your reliable partner.

Steffen Tropitzsch

Steffen Tropitzsch // CEO

“Do only such business by day
that you may sleep quietly of nights.”
– such was already the credo of the old Consul Buddenbrook.

Thomas Mann