Laboratory Chemicals

What are Laboratory Chemicals?

In the category of laboratory chemicals, we have collected a wide range of products starting from alcohols (mostly custom synthesized), auxiliary materials for labs, brand-name products and other interesting, chemical compounds. Enjoy browsing these products.

    • Chrial Alcohols
      Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch offers a selected range of chiral alcohols to meet their growing demand. These helpful reagents may be used as starting materials in several asymmetric syntheses, as very helpful catalyst, or as powerful resolving agent.

      Two examples of our specialities are: (S)-(+)-2-Hexanol or (S,S)-2,5 Hexandiol.

    • Dyes
      You expect high performance from your dyes. Combining materials and specialize technology, we provide a wide spectrum of highly specialized dyes and colorants that meet exact specifications and your requirements. Our portfolio consists of standard dyes, cGMP dyes as well as dyes for special pharmaceutical applications.
    • Specialties
      This is the product segment we are most proud of. Thanks to our clients which approach us with their specific requirements for products they didn`t find elsewhere we developed in cooperation with our manufacturing partners REAL specialities. You would like to know more about it. Here is an example:
      Human sweat (synthetically produced) – wild animal defense (airport, roads, fields

Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH has much more examples – unfortunately we cannot disclose due to confidentiality agreements.
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