Active ingredient of the month April: Bisacodyl

Our active ingredient of the month, Bisacodyl, belongs to the group of laxatives. In the form of enteric-coated tablets or suppositories, it is usually used for a short time for constipation – since the 1950s.

Special feature: dual mechanism of action

Bisacodyl offers a dual mechanism of action: on the one hand, it stimulates the intestine (prokinetic effect) and also has a fluid-increasing effect (secretory effect). The prokinetic effect increases the tone of smooth muscles and increases intestinal peristalsis. What is special about the mechanism of action of bisacodyl is that the induced intestinal activity is very similar to the natural intestinal activity.

When taken orally, the effect occurs after about six to twelve hours, and after 10 to 30 minutes when applied rectally.

Bisacodyl acts locally in the large intestine. Therefore, the active ingredient has no effect on the absorption of calories or essential nutrients in the small intestine.

Orally, it is metabolized by the liver and converted into a diphenol by bacteria in the intestine. Even after decades of use, habituation or electrolyte shifts are not observed.

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