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CAS No.:




Molecular weight:

480,51 g/mol

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Article number: 5500540
CAS No.: -
Formula: C18H22O11S2
Molecular weight: 478,49 g/mol

Article number: 5500630
CAS No.: -
Molecular weight: 480,51 g/mol

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Fermentation Products

What does fermentation mean? Fermentation (from latin fermentare) is generally defined as a conversion of material under aerobic or anaerobic conditions influenced by micro-organisms. "Micro-organism" is a collective term for usually ...

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Isotope Labeled Mycotoxins

Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch opens a new chapter in the section of mycotoxin-standards. From now on we are in the position to supply isotop labeled mycotoxins. Depending on the product either labeld ...

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Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites of molds fungis which have a very toxic effect on human being. The species of Mycotoxins subdivide to aflatoxins, fumonisines, ochratoxins and fusarium toxins. The name ...

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