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767,90 g/mol

17-GMB-APA-GA is a Geldanamycin analog equipped with linker for coupling to proteins or antibodies for the preparation of immunoconjugates, for example. This geldanamycin immunoconjugate induces less systemic toxicity than geldanamycin by being selectively delivered into malignant cells. This linker chain is just an example. We can also install other types of simpler side chains for example a chain with a free NH2 at its terminus. Reference: 1. R. Mandler et al. Cancer Res. 2004 64:1460; 2. R. Mandler et al. Bioconj. Chem. 2002 13:786; 3. R. Mandler et al. J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 2000 92:1573 Potential mode of action/Key words: HSP 90 inhibitor, Targeting HSP 90

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Toxins with Linkers

Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH also provides linker-drug conjugates. Either as linker-drug conjugate or under contract synthesis arrangements. To take advantage of this service please contact us info@cfmot.de for more information. Some ...

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