Bufo bufo

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Bufo bufo is the biggest European toad. Colouring is utmost flexible. It ranges from brown-, yellow and grey up to reddish. The downside of the toad is always bright up to dark marbled. Taxonomy: Class: Amphibia, Order: Anura, Upperfamily: Hyloidea, Family: Bufonidae, Species: Bufo, Name of species: Bufo bufo. The toxins has been identified as: Genin A (Bufotalinins), Genin B (Telocinobufagin), Genin C (Hellebrigenin or Bufotalidin), Genin D (Bufotalin) and Genin E (Marinobufagin).

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Bufo bufo

Natural Toxins

"All things are poison and nothing is without poison; the dose alone makes
a thing not a poison." Paracelsus

Natural toxins are complex molecules that consist of different building blocks. Especially ...

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