Mechercharmycin A

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(20R,23S)-20-[(2S)-2-Butanyl]-23-isopropyl-26-methylen-16-phenyl-3,11,15,28-tetraoxa-7-thia-19,22,25,30,31,32,33,34-octaazahexacyclo[,5.16,9.110,13.114,17]tetratriaconta-1(29),2(34),4  ;,6(33),8,10(32),12,14(31),16,27(30)-decaen-18,21,24-tri

Molecular weight:

708,74 g/mol

Mechercharmycin A is a cytotoxic compound with antitumor activitiy. It is a marine-derived Thermoactinomyces sp. HCT-116: IC50=0,0014 µM; PSN1 : IC50=0,007 µM; T98G : IC50=0,014 µM; A549 : IC50=0,007 µM (preliminary laboratory results). Journal of Antibiotics (2005), 58(4), 289-292. Potential mode of action/Key words: Cytotoxic, Antitumoral

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Mechercharmycin A


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