Sustainable and cost-saving: Industrial storage for our photovoltaic system

A lot has happened behind our company building lately. In addition to our photovoltaic system, a FENECON Industrial S industrial storage system was installed here.

It is a well-known fact that the energy of a photovoltaic system is not constantly available. If the sky is overcast for a longer period of time, the self-generated electricity is no longer sufficient to cover the energy demand.
That has now changed, because the surplus energy from our photovoltaic system is directed into the new storage system, which can be used around the clock.

Steffen Tropitzsch: “The advantage is that it makes us less dependent on price increases by electricity providers. We can also absorb any voltage fluctuations in the grid. We are even able to bridge a complete power outage, at least for a short time.”

Degree of self-sufficiency increases to up to 70 percent

In fact, battery storage for solar power can increase independence from the public power grid. The degree of self-sufficiency increases to up to 70 percent through the use of such a storage system.

The use of an electricity storage system for PV systems noticeably reduces CO2 emissions. The storage system maximizes the self-consumption of solar power, which means that fewer fossil energy sources are needed. Even though the production of batteries causes CO2 emissions, these are offset by long-term use.

Surprising, but true: The storage facility on our company premises is actually the first industrial storage system in the entire network of our electricity provider.


Photos: Iris Biotech

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