(13C Fumonisin)U-[34C13]-Fumonisin B1,U-[34C13]-Fumonisin B2

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(13C Fumonisin) [13C34]-Fumonisin B1, [13C34]-Fumonisin B2, concentration 5 ug/ml in acetonitrile/water

[13C34]-Fumonisin B1 (CAS: 1217458-62-2), [13C34]-Fumonisin B2 (CAS:1217481-36-1), concentration 5 ug/ml in acetonitrile/water. A detailed CoA will be provided along with your order.

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(13C Fumonisin)U-[34C13]-Fumonisin B1,U-[34C13]-Fumonisin B2

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