Abies alba

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Abies alba subsp. apennina Brullo, Scelsi & Spampinato; Abies alba var. pardei (Gaussen) Silba; Abies alba var. podolica R.I. Schröd.; Abies argentea Chambray; Abies baldensis (Zuccagni) Nyman; Abies chlorocarpa Purk. ex Nyman; Abies excelsa Link; Abies nobilis A. Dietr.; Abies pardei Gaussen; Abies pectinata (Lam.) Lam. & DC.; Abies picea (L.) Lindl.; Abies taxifolia Desf.; Abies vulgaris Poir.; Picea excelsa Wender.; Picea pectinata (Lam.) Loudon; Pinus abies Du Roi; Pinus abies var. leioclada Steven ex Endl.; Pinus abies var. pectinata (Lam.) H. Christ; Pinus baldensis Zuccagni; Pinus heterophylla K. Koch; Pinus lucida Salisb.; Pinus pectinata Lam.; Pinus picea L.; Weisstanne;

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Abies alba

Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants - Herbs are getting more and more important for the research & development sector and for the Pharma Industry in Europe and USA. Traditionally pharmaceutical plants were used ...

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