CH 3 CH 3 HO H 3 C H H H CH 3 H CH 3

Cholesterol – plant based

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3ß-Hydroxy-5-cholesten; 5-Cholesten-3ß-ol; Cholesterin; Synthetisches Cholesterin

Molecular weight:

386,65 g/mol

Cholesterol is one of the most important building blocks of life. Cholesterol is an essential raw material used in innovative technologies from lipid nanoparticles for mRNA delivery to cell culture media. Traditionally, cholesterol is extracted from animal origins such as sheep wool. However, these sources can be linked to undesired immunological responses, inconsistent quality and may require more stringent regulatory control. Our source is plant-derived! The quality of our Cholesterol is technical grade for R&D applications.

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Cholesterol – plant based

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