Cyanidin 3-rutinoside chloride

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Antirrhinin chloride; Cyanidin 3-rhamnoglucoside chloride; Cyaninoside chloride; Keracyanin chloride; Prunicyanin chloride; 3-O-Rutinosylcyanidin chloride; Sambucin chloride

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630,99 g/mol

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Article number: 7501535
CAS No.: 18376-31-3
Formula: C27H31O16Cl
Molecular weight: 646,99 g/mol

Article number: 7500532
CAS No.: 33012-73-6
Formula: C26H29O15Cl
Molecular weight: 616,95 g/mol

Article number: 7500463
CAS No.: 2611-67-8
Formula: C27H31O16Cl
Molecular weight: 646,99 g/mol

Article number: 8000658

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Cyanidin 3-rutinoside chloride


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