Cytochrome C ex bovine hearts

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Cytochrome C is a hemoprotein that is found in animal cells in the mitochondrial protein-lipid complex. Cytochrome c has been identified as an important mediator in apoptotic pathways.Cytochrome C is an important component in the electron transport chain of the mitochondria. Cytochrome C also plays a role in cellular oxidation and respiration. The release of mitochondrial cytochrome c into the cytoplasm stimulates apoptosis and is commonly used as an indicator of the apoptotic process in the cell. Results are an inhibition of proliferation in SGC7901 cells by inducing mitochondria-dependent apoptosis through cytochrome c. This protein has a role in apoptosis pathways, as it is released from the mitochondria to indicate that the apoptosis process has begun.

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Cytochrome C ex bovine hearts

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