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Colforsin, Coleonol

Molecular weight:

410,51 g/mol

Forskolin is a labdane diterpene that is produced by Coleus forskohlii.

Plant: Harp bush (Plectranthus barbatus) (Coleus forskolii).

  • On human and animal organism, forskolin possesses multiple effects as a direct stimulator of the enzyme adenylyl cyclase. Therefore, it is used experimentally in biochemistry and pharmacology
  • The plant has ethnopharmacological significance in Ayurvedic medicine as well as in the folk medicines of Brazil, Africa and China
  • It is used in the treatment of gastrointestinal, respiratory, cardiac and nervous disorders.
  • Discussion about the use of forskolin in the treatment of heart disease, asthma, thrombosis and obesity.
  • alleged “fat burner” agent for bodybuilders (effectiveness is not sufficiently proven)

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