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3-[(Decahydro-1alpha,2beta,4alpha,beta-trimethyl-5-methylene-1-naphthyl)methyl]-2-hydroxy-5-methoxybenzoquinone, IQ

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358,47 g/mol

Ilimaquinone is a cell permeable, natural marine metabolite shown to have antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, and antimitotic properties. Golgi membrane studies reveal that exposure to ilimaquinone results in the formation of vesiculated Golgi membranes and blockage of the secretory pathway, which can be reversed with the removal of ilimaquinone. Additionally, ilimaquinone has been shown to block the association of the ADP-ribosylation factor (ARF) and ß-COP to the Golgi membrane, and depolarize cytoplasmic microtubules. Further studies report that the vesiculation of Golgi membranes through Ilimaquinone takes place by the activation of heterotrimeric G proteins. Potential mode of action/Key words: Apoptosis inducer, Targeting Tubulin, Anticancer, Induces Apoptosis

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