Mentha piperita

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Pfefferminze; Peppermint; Mentha aquatica var. langii (Geiger ex T.Nees) Alef. ; Mentha aquatica var. piperita (L.) Alef. ; Mentha aquatica f. piperita (L.) G.Mey. ; Mentha balsamea Willd. ; Mentha banatica Heinr.Braun ; Mentha braousiana Pérard ; Mentha canescens var. schultzii (Boutigny ex F.W.Schultz) Rouy ; Mentha concinna Pérard ; Mentha crispula Wender. ; Mentha durandoana Malinv. ex Batt. ; Mentha exaltata Heinr.Braun ; Mentha fraseri Druce; Mentha glabra Bellardi ex Colla, nom. illeg.; Mentha glabrata Vahl; Mentha glomerata var. piperita (L.) Gray, nom. superfl.; Mentha hercynica Röhl.; Mentha heuffelii Heinr.Braun; Mentha hircina Hull; Mentha hircina J.Fraser; Mentha hirtescens Haw. ex Spach; Mentha hortensis Ten., nom. illeg.; Mentha hortensis var. citrata Ten.; Mentha hudsoniana Heinr.Braun; Mentha kahirina Forssk.; Mentha langii Geiger ex T.Nees; Mentha maximilianea var. schultzii (Boutigny ex F.W.Schultz) Briq.; Mentha napolitana Ten.; Mentha nigricans Mill.; Mentha odora Salisb., nom. superfl.; Mentha officinalis Hull; Mentha pimentum Nees ex Bluff & Fingerh.; Mentha piperoides Malinv.; Mentha schultzii Boutigny ex F.W.Schultz; Mentha suavis var. schultzii (Boutigny ex F.W.Schultz) Briq.; Mentha tenuis Frank ex Benth., not validly publ.;

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Mentha piperita

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Medicinal Plants - Herbs are getting more and more important for the research & development sector and for the Pharma Industry in Europe and USA. Traditionally pharmaceutical plants were used ...

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