From scouting to project management: We support your innovation process

Scarcity of raw materials, legal requirements, patent expirations, increasing competition, global pressure. These are challenges that almost every industry faces. In particular, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. This is aggravated by pronounced regulatory requirements.

Pharmaceutical industry: Expenditure on research and development particularly high

Regulations and safety standards are constantly changing. Pharmaceutical and chemical companies must adapt continuously. So it’s no wonder that investment in research and development is disproportionately high here. And the trend is rising. As a result, many of the companies also face major hurdles in the development of innovations. These include, for example, long time-to-market and risks that are difficult to calculate.

While industries such as automotive industry spend an average of around 10% of their turnover on research and development, the pharmaceutical industry spends around 16%. This includes innovations for internal and external research projects, because innovations do not always necessarily have to come from within.

Better together – using competitive advantages together

It´s proven that cooperation with external partners is faster and more efficient. There are many reasons for this:

Reach your goal faster: Developing your own technologies from scratch ties up your own resources to a large extent and quickly reaches your limits. Collaborating on technologies that are already available increases the chance of a shorter time to market.
Use competitive advantages: Innovative companies are constantly looking for new solutions for their product range and sometimes put a lot of effort into doing so. By shortening time-to-market, they can get ahead of other companies.
Strengthen your own team: In this way, you get to know potential new team members who can enrich your company with know-how and competence.
Growth through efficiency: You have the opportunity to reduce the high pressure of transformation and effectively expand your business area.
Source of inspiration for further innovations: Your team will gain new perspectives and develop a sense of new ideas and possibilities. Team members broaden their horizons and become inspired.
Outsource project management: You leave time-consuming regulations to cooperation partners who specialize in them. This leaves more time for the essentials. It is precisely in this point that we, the Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH, can noticeably relieve you.

Finding the right partner – we support you

Project management in the pharmaceutical sector is our day-to-day business. On your behalf, we keep an eye on timelines, take care of time-consuming analytics, remove stumbling blocks and take care of sourcing.
When it comes to sourcing, we don’t just see the pure procurement of rare chemical substances. Our goal is much more to accompany you holistically from the very beginning. From the earliest research to the launch of your product. Over time, this creates a trusting, long-term cooperation from which both sides benefit.

Your 007 for Special Chemical Substances

In advance, we will clarify your needs together and find out in detail what you specifically need. Customers often describe us as a universal service provider, as “007 for special substances”, because we procure substances that occur in nature but are difficult to obtain. For example, alpha-amanitin – the poison of the tuberous leaf fungus, which is used in cancer research. To obtain one gram of the toxin, 25 kilograms of the fungus are needed. Thanks to our worldwide network, we are able to have the toxin produced by fermentation and at attractive conditions.

Finding the best Solution for you – together!

As an Innovation Scout, we can also identify potential partner companies for you. Within our network, we are constantly picking up on new technologies and market trends and bringing together what belongs together. We find exactly the partners who can act in line with your business goals and strategies.

Are you looking for support in the field of project management, a special chemical substance or cooperation partners? Then get in touch with us. Together we will find out how we can support you in the best possible way. Your contact person for this is Michael Schäffler. The best way to reach him is by e-mail (


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