Novel MoA Payload: OSW-1

Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH is happy to offer a new  payload with a new Mode of Action (MoA).

GRP78 (BiP) is the key member of the HSP70 protein family and functions as an ER chaperone involved in protein folding and assembly.

Due to many cancer cells‘ inherently elevated ER stress level, GPR78 is highly expressed on the cell surface of a variety of cancer types.

GRP78 plays important roles in tumor growth, tumor cell survival, angiogenesis, metastatis, drug resistance and tumor immunity.

Therefore, it is one of the major contributors to tumor immune escape.

We identified one payload targeting this tumor survival pathway GRP78:  OSW-1 (Cfm Product code: 5600082)

OSW-1 involves a novel mechanism of action that is independent of cell cycle and can effectively kill even dormant cancer cells (stem-like cancer cells) at sub-nM concentrations. It can be conjugated to different types of linkers, and we know where and how to conjugate to antibodies via a linker.

Many more information are available on request. CDA signature is mandatory.

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