Iris germanica

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Back to the roots, or more accurate the rhizomes: our Iris is cultivated in Bavaria, Germany. The rhizomes are used in perfume industry and medicine.

The famous Iris odor develops during storage. Iris butter is obtained from the aged rhizome by hydro destillation. Iris rhizomes also contain notable amounts of active ingredients like terpenes, organic acids such as ascorbic acid, myristic acid, tridecylenic acid, undecylenic acid and isoflavonoides.

The Iris germanica is used in the homeopathic medicine but recent research is also looking for new treatment possibilities, e.g. alzheimer´s disease.

Protective effect of Iris germanica L. in B-amyloid-induced animal model of alzheimer´s disease. Borhani M, Sharifzadeh M, Farzaei MH, Narimani Z, Sabbaghziarani F, Gholami M, Rahimi R. Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med. 2017 Jun 5;14(4):140-148. doi: 10.21010/ ajtcam.v14i4.17. eCollection 2017


CAS NO.: 41653-81-0
MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 298,25 g/mol


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Iris germanica

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