Sebastian Burger

He doesn´t know rush hour traffic in the morning, because he has the shortest route to work. As soon he hops on his bike, he is almost sitting at his desk: Sebastian Burger.

Since his training as a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade, he has been part of the Cfm team. In his role as account manager, he takes care of smooth order processing around the globe.

He also has the trainer certificate in his pocket and is the contact person for our young newcomers at Cfm.

What is your everyday life like at Cfm?

Between “good morning” and “after work”, I am mainly responsible for order processing and everything to do with customs. But, like everyone here, I also take care of other things that arise beyond that.

I am the contact person for our trainees and make sure that they get a good insight into all areas of the company.

The best thing about working here?

On the one hand, the variety – every job is different. And on the other hand, of course, my colleagues.

Any interests or hobbies in your freetime?

I’m a soccer fan (Borussia Dortmund), but I’m also interested in most other sports.


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