Update: Pyrrolizidine alkaloids, now in focus of authorities

The contamination results mainly from PA-containing weeds during harvest. Agricultural procedures cannot solve the problem, so product specific examinations are necessary.

We can offer a broad range of pyrrolizidine alkaloids: Echimidin, Erucifolin, Europin hydrochlorid, Heliotridin, Heliotrin, Indicin hydrochlorid, Integerrimin, Intermedin, Jacobin, Jacolin, Lasiocarpin, Lycopsamin, Merenskin, Merepoxin, Monocrotalin, Retronecin, Retrorsin, Sceleratin, Senecionin, Seneciphyllin, Senecivernin, Senkirkin, its N-oxids and further PAs not listed.

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