Active ingredient of the month for June: Yohimbine – natural sexual enhancer from West Africa

Even before the invention of the potency pill, men relied on natural aids, such as yohimbine. This active ingredient is extracted from the leaves and bark of the yohime tree in Africa.

Natural alternative to PDE-5 inhibitors

In times of Viagra & Co., yohimbine has moved somewhat into the background. But in today’s world, conscious nutrition and herbal medicines are definitely back in vogue. Although the effect is not as effective as with the PDE-5 inhibitors, it is still useful.
Yohimbine not only acts on the blood vessels, but also contains psychoactive substances. And these show their effect in connection with sexual activities.

Yohimbine is taken in tablet or capsule form. It starts centrally and peripherally. Important: the so-called alpha-2 receptors are located in the smooth muscle of blood vessels, including the erectile tissue. Yohimbine blocks these and thus enables the vessels to dilate.

Psychoactive substances against fear of failure

The effect of the extract is also evident in the central nervous system. The psychoactive substances release norepinephrine in the brain, which can prevent possible fear of failure. This is an important point, because these often occur when men are affected by erection problems.

Yohimbine therefore helps if the erectile dysfunction is mild or perhaps even only mentally related. Yohimbine cannot help with severe organic dysfunctions.

Particularly positive about yohimbine is its rapid effect, which occurs between 15 and 45 minutes after ingestion and lasts for about two hours. Thanks to its plant origin, the active ingredient is quickly broken down by the body.

Personal consultation advisable before taking

Yohimbine is available as a herbal drug or as a dietary supplement. Unlike Viagra, it does not require a prescription. However, caution is advised. There are numerous counterfeits on the market, which is why you should get it from pharmacies if possible. Also because of the personal advice. In a personal conversation, the question of whether yohimbine promises a chance of success or whether a PDE-5 inhibitor would be more effective can also be clarified.

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