Alexander Glombik

Month after month you get to know another member of the CFM team. Today we introduce you to Alexander Glombik, who is responsible for quality management.

Alexander Glombik has been part of the CFM team for 19 years. After his training as an industrial clerk, he went on to qualify as a key account manager (IHK) and finally qualified as a quality management specialist (TÜV).
Checking protocols and contracts, organizing internal training courses – he has everything under control.

Mr. Glombik, what is your day-to-day life at Cfm?

“It never gets boring, every day is different. The good thing is that every day ends with a positive result. “

What have been the best moments at CFM so far?

“There are quite a few. The Christmas parties have always been the most funniest so far. “

What makes working at Cfm so special?

“Definitely the variety – no day is like the other. The team spirit at Cfm is particularly nice and working together is so easy. “

With such an eventful Cfm everyday life – what does your free time look like?

“I like to watch handball games and in winter I go snowboarding. I usually like to go to concerts, travel (especially to Italy) and meet friends. At the moment, of course, none of this works, but hopefully again soon.”

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