Beta-Propiolactone in Vaccine Production

Beta-propiolactone is soluble in both water and ethanol. The colorless liquid has a pungent smell and is flammable. When it comes to vector vaccines (e.g. flu vaccination, corona vaccine from Astra Zeneca), beta-propiolactone plays a key role.

It is used in the development of the so-called vector vaccines to kill the viruses they contain. The deactivated viruses are then propagated in cell cultures and chemically treated. So they can no longer infect human cells.

Beta propiolactone for virus deactivation

This deactivation process is carried out so gently with beta-propiolactone that the proteins on the virus envelope remain intact. This is necessary to stimulate the formation of antibodies, which in turn are able to neutralize “real” viruses.

Beta-propiolactone is used on the one hand to inactivate viruses, but on the other hand also to sterilize vaccines and blood products.

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