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Investment in secure emails

Investment in secure emails – Cfm invests in the increased security of email communication and introduces digital certificates.

One or the other business partner may have noticed: Since the beginning of February 2020, all emails from Cfm have been digitally signed.

The digital signature confirms both the integrity of an email and the authenticity of the sender. You can see whether an email is digitally signed or not by a separate icon in your email client.

Cfm deliberately took this step because the topics “Know your customer”, “Falsified products” and “CEO fraud” are taking on ever larger dimensions. You can see from the digital certificate that the email came directly from the Cfm.

If you want to send us encrypted information and this would not be possible due to your own IT, we kindly ask you to get in touch with your Cfm contact person.
Cfm is now in the position to offer you a secured platform. On this platform you can send us information which is encrypted and can only be read by Cfm. 

We look forward to further good and undisturbed cooperation with you.

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