Karin Bayer

The trained marketing manager has been part of the Cfm team since summer 2020 and is thus the newest member. She ensures that customers and interested parties are supplied with news about Cfm.

What is your everyday life like at Cfm?

Most of the time you can hear me tapping the keys. I write texts for the Cfm newsletter, for promotions, for brochures, take care of social media marketing and other publications, look after the website and so on. In short, everything about public relations and marketing. One of the bigger projects coming up soon is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) optimization.

What have been special experiences at Cfm so far?

Since I joined the team in times of lockdown, there have been no major celebrations or experiences. The highlights so far have been my first day at work and Oskar Tropitzsch’s birthday. I hope that sometime this summer we can have a barbecue or something like that.

The nice thing about work here is …?

We are a young, personable team, nobody leaves the other behind. The only competition is to be the first in line at the bakery in the morning. We work in a modern company building and can work independently. That’s all it takes.

What about your hobbies?

I really enjoy cooking and eating. I also volunteer for an ice hockey team, sing and play the ukulele in a small ensemble. The rest of my time belongs to my little family.

Any favorite travel destination?

As soon as it is possible again, I would like to go to Ireland at least once a year. But there are also warmer destinations on my list, such as Santorini, Portugal, the Amalfi Coast. I like it Mediterranean, especially because of the good food.

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