Michael Schäffler

Every month we introduce you to one of the team members at Cfm. Take a look behind the scenes of our everyday life. It all starts with project manager and authorized signatory Michael Schäffler.

He has been with Cfm since 1997 and enriches the team with a wealth of experience. After his commercial training, many further training courses followed in the commercial, but also in the chemical and technical areas.

Mr. Schäffler, how is your everyday life at Cfm?

“Even after so many years, it never gets boring – new tasks, interesting challenges and exciting projects await me every day. In essence, it is mostly about supporting the development of new drugs for diseases for which there are no treatment options yet. It can be anything – from coating medical devices to gene therapy and ADCs. “

What have been the best moments at Cfm so far?

“To win orders for which you have fought for a long time, Christmas parties, the inauguration of our new company building in 2018 and above all: to experience and help shape the entire development of the company.”

What makes working at Cfm so special?

“On the one hand, the friendly relationship with our customers, nice colleagues, a pleasant and modern ambience, great bosses, a family atmosphere and a lot of freedom for personal development. On the other hand, there is also the opportunity to achieve so much positive with our work and to give sick people treatment options. I am also excited that my job allows me to get to know the whole world and many different cultures. In principle, my work is also my hobby at the same time. “

With such an eventful Cfm everyday life – what does your free time look like?

“I like to ride my racing bike – of course WITHOUT an electric drive, I like to ski and I am a beekeeper.”

Is there a favorite travel destination?

“The world is enough for me …”

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