New plant health system in the EU

Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH is a registered entrepreneur in accordance with the new Plant Health Regulation (EU) 2016/2031. This registration with the Bavarian State Ministry of Agriculture was necessary due to the legal changes relating to the Plant Health Ordinance.

The CFM is therefore authorized to import goods subject to phytosanitary certificate from third countries and to export or re-export plants, plant products and other objects to non-EU countries.

What changes have occurred?

The new plant health system has been in effect in the EU since 14 December 2019. The Control Regulation (EU) 2017/625 and the Plant Health Regulation (EU) 2016/2031 replaced the previously applicable Council Directive 2000/29 / EC.

The regulations apply in the areas of food safety, veterinary control and plant health and for the first time bring together the different systems in a common regulation

Improved traceability and common control standards should ensure better protection of the European Union against the introduction and spread of harmful organisms.

As a company that regularly trades in plant material or plant products across EU borders, Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch GmbH has registered in accordance with the Plant Health Regulation and has been included in the official register of entrepreneurs.

[Source: Bavarian State Ministry of Agriculture]

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