Steffen Tropitzsch

He always has an open ear for the concerns of the team and keeps it all together: Our managing director, Steffen Tropitzsch.

Long before he studied business administration, it was clear that one day he would follow in the footsteps of his father, Oskar Tropitzsch, to continue running the company.

How long have you been part of the Cfm team?

“Basically, I’ve been part of it since I was born. Even as a small child I was allowed to get to know one or the other business partner – the language barrier did not play a role here. Because the nice thing is that children can communicate without knowing a foreign language without making a fool of themselves.

My real entry into the company was in October 2005.”

What is your everyday life like?

“We don’t have everyday life here – and that’s what’s special about us. While there are daily tasks like monitoring financial metrics, communicating with the team in the morning, those are the only routine tasks. I try to optimize processes, take care of IT, stay in touch with business partners, negotiate contracts and am the contact person for our team members.”

Unforgettable experiences at Cfm?

“There are some experiences and moments. For me, even as a child, the way after school to what was then the factory was exciting. Then later the trip to Israel, where business partners and friends showed us a part of the country and the culture. Then there were the various relocations of the company – from the factory to the garage, to a 5-man office, to an even larger office – to the current company building.
I have fond memories of the inauguration party with many friends and partners, the special Christmas celebrations, the many business trips and the associated worldwide contacts – for example in Argentina, India, Europe, the USA, China and Israel.”

What’s the nice thing about working here?

“We can achieve a lot together as a team and we do. It is a daily pleasure to work with a small but very experienced and powerful team and to find sustainable solutions for our international customers and suppliers. The fact that we can help develop new medicines and help improve their availability means a lot to us. In addition, we are involved in highly topical research projects. But all of this in a family setting and with long-standing, friendly relationships with business partners.”

What about your hobbies?

“I’m interested in new technologies, history, psychology, some philosophy (the pandemic in particular motivated me to do so) – but time is rather short for many things. Otherwise, I play table tennis and like to go hiking.”

Your favorite travel destination?

“I’ve been able to get to know so many places in the world, but there’s still a lot to discover. As is so often the case, encounters with people make traveling so special. I like to travel to places I already know, but I prefer to travel to countries that are unknown to me.”

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