Metaphosphoric acid

Meta-phosphoric acid is a colorless, glass-like material that we obtain from a European manufacturer and supply several different industries. Food analytics use meta-phosphoric acid to determine vitamins. The biochemistry uses the compound to precipitate protein in biological liquids such as blood and urine. In the veterinary field, meta-phosphoric acid can be used to determine urea in cattle blood. The pharmaceutical industry also uses meta-phosphoric acid as an additive in the production of diagnostic test strips.

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Mycotoxins for analytical purposes

Mycotoxins: Chemical analysis reagents from Marktredwitz for the world. The term mycotoxins refers to toxic metabolic products, formed by mold fungi. Because of their toxicity to humans and animals mycotoxins are among the undesirable contaminants in food and feed. To date, there are ~ 250 known types of molds that make up more than 300 […]

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