H 2 N O N N N H N H 2 N

BG-NH2 – SNAP-tag



CAS Nr.:





270,30 g/mol

BG-NH2 is a carboxy-reactive building block for preparing of SNAP substrates from the NHS esters or other amine-reactive forms of labels or biological targets. This BG-NH2 building block facilities the development of various SNAP-tag substrates for labeling SNAP-tag fusion proteins for a wide range of biological applications. The SNAP protein labeling system enables the specific, covalent attachment of virtually any molecule to a protein of interest. The SNAP-tag is a protein based on human O6-alkylguanine-DNA-alkyltransferase (hAGT). SNAP-tag substrates are fluorophores, biotin or beads conjugated to guanine or chloropyrimidine leaving groups via a benzyl linker. In the labeling reaction, the substituted benzyl group of the substrate is covalently attached to the SNAP-tag.

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BG-NH2 – SNAP-tag


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