O OH O O CH 3 CH 3 O O CH 3 CH 3 H

Diacetone D-Glucose



CAS Nr.:





D-Glucose diacetonide;


260,28 g/mol

Diacetone D-Glucose serves as starting material for the preparation of many partially substituted sugars. It is mainly used in biochemical reactions and as a medicine intermediate. New research has found a distinguished niche in the synthesis of enantiomerically pure sulfoxides. Recent advances allow to use dynamic kinetic resolution approach for industrial synthesis of sulfoxides. The second most important aspect of D.A.G application is the total synthesis and drug design. Being based on biologically common sugar platform, DAG is an excellent example of a molecule coming from chiral pool. Being cheap and easily available, DAG is a promising precursor for many potential drugs, like anti-cancer, anti-HN or different di- and oligo saccharides. Aza- and thiosugars were developed recently, by replacing lactol ring oxygen with nitrogen or sulfur, respectively. DAG is used as chelating ligand in organometallic chemistry, some metal complexes exhibit magnetic properties.

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