Barium compounds

Barium chromate 

CAS: 10294-40-3 
Formula: BaCrO4

Barium bromide dihydrate 

CAS: 7791-28-8 
Formula: BaBr2*2H2

Barium nitrate 

CAS: 10022-31-8 
Formula: Ba(NO3)2 

Barium hydrogenorthophosphate 

CAS: 10048-98-3 
Formula: BaHPO4 

Barium perchlorate anhydrous 

CAS: 13465-95-7 
Formula: Ba(ClO4)2 

Barium iodide dihydrate 

CAS: 7787-33-9 
Formula: BaI2*2H2

Barium bromide anhydrous 

CAS: 10553-31-8 
Formula: BaBr2 

Barium fluoride 

CAS: 7787-32-8 
Formula: BaF2 

…more Barium compounds on request!

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