BIO-Europe Köln

Cfm Oskar Tropitzsch is specialised in the field of contract manufacturing in small scale for APIs, Excipients and Fermentation products. We assist our customers from lab scale to commercial production.
Some examples:

  • ADCs
    Amanitins (alpha-Amanitin, beta-Amanitin…), Actinomycin X2,
    Ansamitocin P3, Cryptophycin, Cyclopamine, Telomestatin.
  • more than 100 substances available.
  • Products made by Fermentation like 17-AAG, Aflatoxines, Geldanamycin, K-252a, Rapamycin, LL-Z-1640-2 – more than 600 substances available.
  • Pharmaceutical raw materials like Dithiothreitol (DTT), 1,4-Dithioerythrit (DTE) or Thimerosal
  • Chemical Specialities like Curare, Pix Panacae, G-Strophantin or 2-oxoglutaric acid including all documentation needed for registration of pharma products.
  • We are carrying out many Customized Contract Manufacturing projects in these areas (cGMP and ISO9000). 
  • Cfm sources suitable producers for their customers, even for special, extremely rare products.
  • Continuous suppIy from mg up to mt.

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