Payloads for ADCs

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) is one of the hottest topics in LifeScience research. Cfm has started a special section for high potentials used to be conjugated to antibodies for a more safe and much more efficient cancer treatment.

While “traveling” within the human body this vehicle is utmost safe. It is activated i.e. by a specific enzyme within the cancer cell only. As soon as the “trigger” is activated the payload is released and kills the tumor cells.

Cfm provides the so called payloads, highly potent molecules to kill the cancer cells. Besides the currently listed products several new ones are in our pipeline – especially metabolites of mushrooms. 
On a nearly weekly basis new payloads are added – get ideas for your project and follow the link

Interested in linkers or conjugation partners?

Through our network we also can provide linkers, reliable partner companies which offer the conjugation and much much more… – just get in contact with our team!

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