Finding the best solution for you! …but what’s behind this phrase?

First of all you define the specifications and quality requirements which you need – not what might be available.

  • The customer – so just you – defines the quantity: from lab scale to commercial scale.
  • Securing supply: 
projects start always with small quantity requirements and increasing demand for material and documentation throughout the lifecycle of your project.
 Cfm knows the business and therefore we adjust our producers’ capacity to your demands.
  • Talking to the producer/chemist directly? 
Why not – often the knowhow of a team gives answers to the challenges we face on a daily basis.
  • We find suitable producers for you – even for special, extremely rare products. 
If there is really none on the market we know a lot of people who like challenges and there will be a solution for you.
  • You need a detailed documentation for the product you require? 
We will try to obtain it for you!

Contract synthesis, small molecules, toxins, APIs, excipients, phytochemicals, extractions, metals, metal salt solutions. Locally or worldwide.

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